5: Letter, Sholem Asch arguing in defense of his play, 1923.


Source: Sholem Asch, “Open Letter by Sholom Asch, Author of ‘The God of Vengeance,’" in pamphlet, “‘The God of Vengeance’: Is the Play Immoral? – Is it a Great Drama?,” (New York City: Published by Harry Weinberger, ca. March or April 1923), re-published in David Mazower, “Sholem Asch: God of Vengeance is Not an Immoral Play,” (Digital Yiddish Theatre Project, January 16, 2017), <www.yiddishstage.org/an-open-letter-by-sholom-asch-author-of-got-fun-nekome>, accessed February 3, 2018.