Avrom Sutzkever's "The Lead Plates of the Rom Printers"

Resource Kit by
Hannah Pollin-Galay

Module Content



Avrom Sutzkever’s poem “The Lead Plates of the Rom Printers” draws heroic mythology out of Jewish suffering in the Holocaust, offering inspiration for downtrodden readers after the war. It interweaves history with fiction in order to tell the story of Jewish partisan fighters in the Vilna ghetto, who turn the Hebrew letters of a Jewish printing press into bullets with which they can fight the Nazis. This kit presents resources to help teach about the poem, the significance of Jewish Vilna, life in the Vilna ghetto, the life of Avrom Sutzkever, and the complex relationship between history and art.

Cover image: Simon Kogan's "Yiddish" sculpture, installed outside of the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 2012.