"Adio Kerida": Narrating the Sephardic Diaspora

Resource Kit by
Max Modiano Daniel

Module Content



“Adio Kerida,” or “Goodbye, Dear,” is a popular song in the large repertoire of Judeo-Spanish, or Ladino, songs. Currently endangered, Ladino was the common, everyday language of hundreds of thousands of Jews throughout the Sephardic diaspora (especially in the Ottoman Empire, North Africa, and the Mediterranean basin) after their expulsion from Spain in 1492. Sephardic history and culture is a rich mosaic resulting from centuries of life in diverse Christian, Muslim, and Jewish societies across the world, and many words in Ladino reflect this diversity.

This resource kit presents resources to help teachers contextualize “Adio Kerida” and use it to teach about Sephardic history and culture, Ladino, and themes of diaspora, homeland, and nostalgia.

Cover image: Copy of the "Alhambra Decree/Edict of Expulsion," signed by King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella I on March 31, 1492.