5: Comic monologue excerpt, Samuel Chanis’s “A Lesson on Knaidlach,” 1978, in Yiddish with English translation.


Source: Samuel Chanis, “A lektsiye vegn kneydlakh” (“A Lesson on Knaidlach”) in Tsu shmeykhlen un tsu lakhn (For Smiling and Laughing) (Brooklyn: Published by the author, 1978), 141. Digitized by the Yiddish Book Center at < https://www.yiddishbookcenter.org/collections/yiddish-books/spb-nybc201739/chanis-samuel-tsu-shmeykhlen-un-tsu-lakhn-a-zamlung-fun-50-umoristishe-monologn-un>, accessed March 1, 2018. Translated by Jessica Kirzane.