4. Anti-Christian line removed from Bellow's translation, Singer's "Gimpel the Fool," 1945, Yiddish with translation.


Sources: Yiddish original: Yitshok Bashevis, Gimpl tam un andere dertseylungen (New York: CYCO, 1945), 5-17.

English translation: Isaac Bashevis Singer, trans. Naomi Seidman, “Who’s the Fool? Isaac Bashevis Singer in America,” Pakn Treger (Summer 2004). 

Audio: Aba Igelfeld reading the work of Isaac Bashevis, Gimpl tam un andere dertseylungen, Yiddish Book Center’s Sami Rohr Library of Recorded Yiddish Books (<https://archive.org/details/IsaacBashevisSinger-GimplTamUnAndereDertseylungen>, accessed March 1, 2016).